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The Staff


CEO and Chief Tech

Andy Barrett

Andy has been in the Professional Studio business for over 25 years. He has owned platinum producing recording studios, as well as produced and engineered a number of platinum and gold records.

Andy has also been in the acoustic design field for 20 + years designing acoustic products, designing and building complete recording and broadcast facilities and consulting in the acoustics field.

As a producer, Andy worked with all the most popular analog equipment in the recording of major label records and sound for motion pictures and television.

Andy's years as a producer and recording engineer give him the advantage in repairing and designing High End Analog equipment from the user's perspective.

One of Andy's philosophies is:

"To have your favorite gear repaired by someone who has never made a record in their life is always a gamble!"

Andy holds a Bachelors of science degree in electronics and a minor in physics, as well as a strong mathematical and extensive and diverse musical background.

Andy is still active in producing and recording music for CDs and film.

Shop Manager

Russell Mason

Russell is a great asset to the shop. He is currently studying for his master's at Arizona State University.

His studies include some of the most current and up and coming computer, analog and DSP sciences. This has allowed us to bring a wide range of modern and cutting edge solutions to old problems for our clients.

One of the goals in the lab is to come up with new and innovative ways to interface and control classic analog audio systems. Russell has spearheaded this new direction and development at Analog Domain Inc.

Russell is also active in the modern robotics development. His strong computer background is always giving us new ideas for user friendly product interface and signal processing and control for the masses.

He also brings his experience to our machine shop division. This is where we have made a commitment to supplying remanufactured parts for the classic multi-track machines from the golden age of recording.


Diagnostics Technician

Julius Tavernaro

Julius is currently studying electronics and computer science at Arizona State University as well.

Julius brings his computer programming experience to the shop to help in innovative new testing and computer control methods.

Julius has a broad range of studies and interest. This is proven to be a strong asset in the shop for trouble shooting modern electronics.

Office Manager

Theresa Barrett

T. J. (Theresa) keeps the shop running smooth. She handles the business office to make sure that billing, shipping and receiving and customer relations are seamlessly integrated to the shop and technicians.




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Analog Domain Inc.

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